About Us

Leo Alchimisti, Founder

After serving 40-year tenure as president of The Advance Group—a 44-million dollar electrical and electronics distributor with 9 branches throughout the U.S., Leo Alchimisti witnessed the company he worked for being purchased by EIS. He briefly contemplated either retiring or working for EIS, but in the end, he decided to establish his own company instead.
In 1992, Leo founded TAG International, Inc. He tapped into the friendships and contacts he had developed during his years of service in The Advance Group to sell the same top-of-the-line electrical and electronic materials worldwide through his own company.

Gordon Owen

Gordon joined TAG International, Inc. during the first year of our inception. He became a crucial part of our company after 14 years of working with Leo at The Advanced Group and 2 years of transferring manufacturing technology from the United States to China with Aera Media Technology, Inc.


Initially, our company focused primarily on selling electrical materials to original equipment manufacturer (OEM) plants overseas such as APC, Conner, Hewlett Packard, and Seagate. Although we still work with electrical and electronics supplies, over the years, we started getting more involved in fasteners and hardware.

TAG International, Inc has evolved into a service business that handles purchasing and logistics for small to medium-sized stockists across the globe. Today, we pride ourselves in our ability to assist with any of your purchasing requirements in America.


Business Details

Type of Business: Corporation

Business Activity: Distributor/Exporter/Logistics

Established: June 1992

Resale Number: SR BHA 99935121

Federal ID: 94-324-5896

Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) ID: 80-101-3491